2018  Spring Semester
29th Recruitment
1. The DUE DATE for this application is Friday, March 9th, 9:00 PM.
2. Your entry should be based on facts and your own experience.
3. Two short essay questions are included at the end of this application form.
4. ShARE-Seoul requires its members to be active for two consecutive semesters including one break between the two semesters.
The official ShARE membership is given only to those
who fulfill the minimum requirement of two semesters.
5. If you have any questions while filling in your application form,
please contact us by our Kakaotalk Plus Friend ID: @share

*This application form cannot be saved during the process.
Apply to ShARE!
What's your name in Korean? *

Okay {{answer_27594456}}, what is your name in English? *

When were you born? *

Where have you lived for most of your life? *

What is your mobile phone number? *

Which university do you go to? *

And your major? *

Please state any double major or minor
In what year did you enter university? *

How comfortable are you with writing or speaking in English? *

A scale of 1~10, 10 being very comfortable and 0 being anxious.

If you have any prior experiences with English or official English test scores, feel free to list them here.

ex) Study abroad, English debate club, 870(TOEIC)
If you don't have any, leave this question as a blank and proceed!
What is your team preference?

For the 2nd preference, choose only if you have one.
1st Preference *

2nd Preference

Choosing a 2nd preference may raise your chance of getting accepted to ShARE, but at the same time it can make you study things that you do not enjoy.

Write business related courses that you have taken in university. *

Korean or English, both are OK!
Unavailable Interview Time

You may select up to two unavailable time slots for each interview, only if that time slot is impossible for you to attend. If you don't have any, choose ''All Available".

Once again, indicate when you are NOT available.
Group Interview (3/10, Saturday) *

You can select only two unavailable time slots for each interview that are impossible for you to attend.

Individual Interview (3/11, Sunday) *

You can select only two unavailable time slots for each interview that are impossible for you to attend.

Extracurricular Activities

Please state your extracurricular activities from your past or present. This includes your work experience, club activities, awards/recognitions, or anything else that you want to share with us.
(Organization / Period / Responsibilities or Roles)
*Current activities must be included.
Please elaborate on the following questions.

You may write in either English or Korean.
Why did you apply and what do you plan to achieve in ShARE? *

English : max 300 words
한국어 : 800자 이하
What have you been most passionate about in recent years? What lesson did you learn from it? *

English : max 300 words
한국어 : 800자 이하
How did you know about ShARE? *

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